we are Nodibians


we are Nodibians


Our Company has assisted small, medium and Large enterprises to enhance the products and process into customised integrated system for increased efficiency and productivity. We consistently challenge the techniques of software development finding the need to make our clients satisfied with the product we have delivered.

Over the years our software development skills have been nurtured and polished by our continuous hard work and domain expertise. We primarily provide Software Solutions related to Insurance. This includes applications used by Insurance Brokers, Insurance Companies, Insurance Agents, Underwrites, Accounting team.

Our company believes in best deliverables than more project accounting. Hence, we choose the projects that can be delivered with maximum satisfaction of the clients. Our end to end implementation skills have helped customers realize optimal returns on their investment.


  • Web Design and Development

    We develop smarter and feature-rich mobile applications that transcend user expectations by harnessing the power of mobile technology.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Get optimal assistance from the geniuses of app design and development. Optimize smart ways to deal with the customers. Discuss your requirements & hire skilled mobile app developers to build feature-pack apps.

  • Web Product Development

    Our web applications reduce complexity and synchronize business operations, making them easy to manage and monitor. At every stage our focus is on making your business more and more effective and presentable to the end customer.

Business Solution

The ever-changing information technologies constantly bring new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations, improve inter-business interactions, optimize costs and thus get critical competitive advantages.

Web and Enterprise Portals

In the knowledge-intensive economy of today, portals become integrated “anytime—anywhere access” platforms for information delivery, communication, collaboration and automating business processes through interconnected applications and web services. We deliver end-to-end Portal solutions embracing the latest technologies and business trends:

  • - Social Networks and Communities
  • - Content Distribution Portals (Digital Docs and Media)
  • - Business to Consumers(B2C) and Business to business(B2B) eCommerce Portals
  • - Enterprise Information Portals
  • - Business Intelligence Portals
  • - Knowledge Management Portals
  • - Application/Web Services Portals
Business Process Automation

In order to retain a competitive edge in the market place, enterprises find themselves constantly trying to optimize their business processes' execution.

Business processes gather, distribute, analyze and integrate data into the strategic decision making processing of the company. BPA enhances the entire business process management, resulting in quick ROI from significant time, cost and resource savings. The result is quantifiable, directly affecting the bottom line.